‘Kirsty is the Mary Poppins of teaching’. Renowned for her ability to make learning fun and build children’s confidence, Kirsty’s success stories have had a life enhancing impact on her students. With over two decades of teaching experience in both state and independent schools in the UK, across Europe and Asia, Kirsty has become a proponent of global-minded education with a strong focus on sustainability and emotional support. Her primary goal is to nurture children into confident individuals with a growth mindset. Her success has been staggering with outstanding impact on her students and their families:

‘Our year five daughter was really struggling with maths so we booked some sessions with Kirsty. The change in confidence we have seen in our daughter is incredible. She used to be in tears after school as she felt she was failing but now she is doing amazingly well! My husband and I say that the cost of these lessons each term is the best money we spend! I would recommend Kirsty to everyone and anyone. I can’t thank her enough for restoring my child’s confidence’ .

Central to Kirsty’s approach is the concept of growth mindset, the belief that intelligence and abilities can be developed through dedication and perseverance. She encourages praising effort over intelligence and creates a safe space where mistakes are seen as opportunities for learning. Progress and effort are celebrated by sharing with parents the children’s effort and the results made, instilling a sense of resilience and determination. ‘There has been such a marked improvement in the children’s work and their approach…As parents who have used a few tutors, Kirsty definitely stands out.’

Kirsty teaches students across the globe from giving struggling children a boost in their confidence and attainment, to preparing children for 11+ and Common Entrance exams for UK Prep Schools. Previous students have successfully gained places at some of the top UK Schools including Dulwich College, Marlborough College and St Paul’s Girls.

Kirsty is a Mum to three young boys who loves to travel; she has relished the opportunities of teaching in Spain, Thailand and the Czech Republic. Arts and crafts, cycling, camping, swimming, drawing and reading are her hobbies, along with teaching young children and having adventures with her little boys.