Home Education

There are many reasons why different families home educate, from school anxiety or learning difficulties to relocation, waiting for a school space or disagreeing with the school environment. At Teatime Tutoring we work with parents and carers to decide what areas of learning to focus on. We set attainable goals based on the needs and desires of the child and their family.

Lessons are personalised and include fun interactive activities tailored to make the learning specific to the individual needs of the child and their learning goals. Feedback is provided at the end of every lesson so that parents are well informed about what their child has been learning, what they have achieved. We will also brief on what comes next and how they can help support them at home. Tutors are available by email and WhatsApp to ensure that, where necessary, communication continues between sessions.

Qualified and experienced tutors can give your Home Ed child the structure, challenge, focus and confidence that is crucial for successful, happy learning.

Home Education can be online or at our Teatime Tutoring classroom based in Farnborough.

Discounted lesson prices can be offered for Home Ed students. Please email teatimetutoring@yahoo.com to find out more.

‘I would highly recommend Kirsty. My 6 year old simply did not enjoy English, however, a few sessions with Kirsty and he is now much more amenable with the subject and actually looks forward to his sessions with Kirsty. Thank you Kirsty’ (Parent of Home Ed Student)